Supernatural is series of over 140 digital paintings done by the art students from the School of Art, Design and Media class Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture. Students created series of motifs inspired by various themes, from Chinese Traditional Storytelling (2013,14), Nature and Darwinism (2015), and Daydreaming (2016). More here

Abstract Thinker

A series of dramatic 3D animated experimental animation by Ivan Yew. A monumental animated works "3Danvas" and "Shifting States" are interlaced with painted stills. More here

The Rose

A virtual rose ripples across a field of color that creates a romantic interpretive work that harkens field lyrical abstract expressionist paintings from the mid-20th century. “The Rose” is an audio reactive work placed on an animated pin-screen that uses different recordings of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, creating an ever-changing field of electronic animated painting. Animation and Programming by Mark Chavez. More here

I wish…

Explores the intimacy of personal commentary through the poetics of social media phenomenon. Using Twitter and the search terms “I wish” personal messages reveal the human condition. More Here