Media Art Nexus NTU

NTU Art & Heritage Museum promotes a keen awareness and strong interest in art and heritage on campus. Being part of the university, the Museum has the advantage to work with schools from the various disciplines and the artist community, and initiates interdisciplinary research and collaborations in exhibitions and programmes. The Museum has an important educational role, and engages the NTU Community by providing opportunities for participation in special art projects. The Museum also brings art to the Community through an active Public Art programme. Opened in 2008 and listed under the National Heritage Board’s (Singapore) Approved Museum Scheme, the Museum has a Southeast Asia and contemporary art collection and exhibits mostly at public spaces on campus for the maximum impact in outreach.

Media Art Nexus (MAN) is one of the NTU Art and Heritage Museum’s various Art on Campus initiatives – an initiative which started in 2014 with the aim of “bringing art to people”. The series of public art installations are part of NTU Museum Art Trail on Campus featuring a collection that is unique in Singapore. Many of which were created by NTU Community as well as invitations to local and international artists.
MAN is conceived with a vision to showcase wide range of experimental new genre and media art including digital art, algorithmic and generative art, interactive art, music/sound visualization, virtual art, video games and interdisciplinary collaborations in art, design, science, medicine and engineering technologies. The diverse media wall, measuring fifteen meters by two meters, is located in the Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s North Spine Plaza.

MAN is a joint initiative of Ina Conradi, Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), Ms Faith Teh, NTU Museum Deputy Director, and Mark Chavez, an animation veteran and founder of Giant Monster Pte Ltd. Their future plans are to pursue an artistic research via art galleries, workshops, curatorial meetings, symposiums, and conferences with an effort to develop awareness for media arts, share art experiences and strengthen the convergence of public art and communities in Singapore and internationally.

Programme at glance