Ongoing Collaborations

Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Image Computing MEVIS Fraunhofer MEVIS' mission is to advance health care by researching and bringing to market solutions for computer-aided medicine, bridging between medical imaging, image-guided therapy, and healthcare informatics. Our focus is to make an impact in routine clinical use. We work closely with clinical and industrial partners to ensure the relevance of our work, to select research topics based on the expected impact on medical care, and to translate our R&D results into viable innovations.

In our science communication, we take actions to raise awareness about how the digital transformation influences health care by engaging the public with new possibilities that emerge from innovative R&D. We aim to remove barriers for the public to get involved with new technologies and serious health topics through interactive, artistic, and dialog-oriented projects. In addition, we explore STEAM approaches for education and innovation in digital medicine.

The simultaneous launch of works in Ars Electronica Deep Space and Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore, marks the beginning of the aspired deeper cooperation in which Fraunhofer MEVIS will provide techniques, tools, scientific expertise and environment for students from NTU Singapore.

UoK-UK and NTU-Singapore Exhibition

UKC/NTU Exhibition in August