Collaboration with School of Engineering & Digital Arts University of Kent Canterbury, UK

Collaboration with School of Engineering & Digital Arts University of Kent Canterbury, UK

WAVES 2018: Crosscurrents of Art, Technology and Environment, 1-23.2018

A collaboration between emerging artists from the School of Art, Design & Media (Nanyang Technological University Singapore) and the School of Engineering & Digital Arts (University of Kent Canterbury, UK).

Between 1st-23th August, WAVES delivered two media architecture installations, one in Singapore at the Media Art Nexus NTU (MAN NTU) under the auspices of NTU Art & Heritage Museum, and one in the UK, at the Gulbenkian Media Façade (GMF), which is part of the Gulbenkian – the University of Kent’s Arts Centre. The selected artworks make use of digital technologies in the public sphere to connect people, culture and community across geographies, bridging the distance between the two continents.

This cross-continental urban media project aims to build a sense of community beyond physical space, using art to develop global awareness and to support cross-cultural audiovisual exchanges. The selected artworks are juxtaposed through two themes, one that creates worlds of wonder and another that explores real-life environmental issues, such as the effects of plastic pollution in water. For more please visit:

The Artists…

Singapore Artists: Al-Azmir Bin Ibrahim, Clara Lim, Debbie Ng, Wei Hao Ng Dan, Shiau Yu Lin, Zhang Longfei, Jia Min Low, Melissa, Jiaman Mok, Zhi Ning Sim Sheryl, Sylvester Tan, Lau Yi Wen, Ivan Yew
UK Artists: Eleana Gavriel, Chris Hudson, Yee Hui Wong, Alice – Daiana Isacila, Kayleigh Osborne-Brown, Thanuja Anshela Tharmaseelan, Sam White


Project lead in the UK: Dr. Rocio von Jungenfeld, Boyd Branch
Project Lead In Singapore: Ina Conradi, Mark Chavez

ADM NTU Students support: Sylvester Tan, Clara Lim, Ivan Yew
EDA UKC student support: Jadine Ingram, Alice Isacila, Sam White

Special Thanks

UKC institutional support: Liz Moran, Oliver Carruthers, David Haigh, Dave Yard
NTU Singapore institutional support: Teh Eng Eng, Faith, Muhammad Mustajab Bin Mohamad, Solomon Quek Jia Liang

Exhibition Venues

About Gulbenkian Media Façade (GMF) is the University of Kent’s Arts Centre offering innovative, engaging and high-quality arts activity for the public, staff, and students. It provides a key role in delivering the University commitment to public engagement and has a particular focus on the creative empowerment of children and young people. Since 2015 GMF has been Arts Council of England National Portfolio Organisation The University of Kent as the “UK’s European University”, provides invaluable access to Europe through campuses in Paris, Brussels, Rome, and Athens. For more please visit


University of Kent Canterbury United Kingdom (UKC)
The School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA)
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore)
NTU Art & Heritage Museum
School of Art, Design and Media (ADM)

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