About Media Art Nexus (MAN)

About Media Art Nexus (MAN)

…a curatorial + educational+ public+ urban media art platform…

Media Art Nexus or MAN is a community public art project, conceived with the vision of bringing art to people. Since 2016 till present, MAN has been providing a platform for curating and promoting new media art content done by emerging and established local Singaporean and international artists. The 15 meters by 2 meters LED wall plays 3,640 hours of original content per year by more than 500 artists. It is the one-of-a-kind, non-commercial urban media screen of its kind in Singapore.

Virtual Reality exhibition on Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore

The 360 view of Media Art Nexus features works from international artists that took part in the On |Off 100101010 An International Symposium and Exhibition Colliding and Surrendering: chaos and freedom where art and technologies meet. It has been completed by support from NTU Museum.

Integrated into a curriculum that is taught at the School of Art, Design, and Media (ADM) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, the project continues to thrive most recently on interdisciplinary collaborations in art and science with the renowned institutions such as the Institute for Digital Medicine Fraunhofer MEVIS, 8k Deep Space in Ars Electronica Center, UCLA Art|Sci Center, EPICentre (Expanded Perception & Interaction Centre) UNSW and The CUBE QUT Brisbane. For the occasion of ELMAN Project 2018, MAN partnered with the spectacular Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, and the University of Applied Sciences Europe, Campus Hamburg. WAVES: Crosscurrents of Art and Technology exhibit is concurrently taking place at the Gulbenkian façade as a large scale Facade Projection. The project has been in its second year, done in partnership with the School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent (EDA) the UK .

MAN is part of an educational effort to develop awareness for urban media art, strengthen the convergence of public art and communities in Singapore, and exchange created content with international public art institutions and research institutes.

This public art installation is conceived in collaboration with Ina Conradi (NTU Singapore) and new media artist Mark Chavez (UCLA Art|Sci, Los Angeles), with support from NTU Museum’s various “Art on Campus” initiatives.

The Artists Curators

“Through the use of contemporary multi-media technologies, we have created a platform that allows us to explore new terrains to enhance digital interactive media and fine art expressions.

Ina and Mark have been collaborating on numerous art and new media projects for the last 20 years, awarded by the Hollywood Advanced Imaging Society’s 2018 Lumiere Award for the best 3D Short Animation and 2017 Lumiere Award EMEA chapter (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). Their ongoing project Media Art Nexus (MAN) is supported by Singapore’s NTU Museum’s Public Art Initiative. Works done for Media Art Nexus were presented at the Deep Space 8k Ars Electronica, Media Architecture Biennial Beijing 2018, Art|Sci Gallery UCLA, Singapore Inside Out Tokyo, Web 3D Art Gallery Brisbane, PISAF Korea and  Visualisation Matters 2017 among many others. The latest collaborative project connecting digital medicine, arts and STEAM in collaboration with Fraunhofer MEVIS: Institute for Digital Medicine received the 2019 Raw Science Film Festival Award.

Abstract animation created for Media Art Nexus, NTU Singapore

Animation industry veteran and founding faculty at NTU School of Art, Design, and Media, Mark is based in Los Angeles and Singapore, founder of Giant Monster Pte Ltd. Ina is Associate Professor at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore. They both hold a Master’s of Fine Art from UCLA. Since 2018 Ina and Mark are artists in residence with the UCLA Art|Sci Center where they have been actively involved in research events such as the most recent symposium on Arts-Based Research in Times of climate and Social Change, Laser events as well as premiered an exhibition at the UCLA California NanoSystems Institute Gallery.

Quantum LOGOS (vision serpent), research in art & science ELMAN PROJECT 2019