“Students from Hamburg and Singapore Develop Video clips on the topic of Silk Road for Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Concert Hall, Media Wall…”

November 2019 Premier in Hamburg with Live connection in Singapore

For the second time, students from the University of Applied Sciences Europe – Art & Design (Hamburg) and the Nanyang Technological University Singapore School of Art, Design and Media are developing content for both media facades. Both classes are located at their universities in the art and design faculty and focus on the use of 2D and 3D animation techniques.

Hamburg: Dominik Bade, Niklas Berger, Linus Eckel, Daria Fernández Dagach, Leon Herres, Ties Kozok, Javier Ivan Martin Martelli, Michael Medovyy, Luca Nieweler, Zuzanna Poloczek, Michelle Sitko, Lia Wortelker (10 projects13 Students)
Singapore: Ayesha Fathima, Cheng Si Min, Chloe Leong, Clarita Saslim, Jacelyn Ng, Jamie Lim, Amadea Low, Natalie Ang Shi Hui, Ong Jia Ying, Tan Chloe, Tan Ying Hui, Wee Yen, Yan Ran, Yeo Ying Zhi, Ellie Liu Yixuan, Yuen Jia Jun  (10 projects 16 students)

Interviews with curators and artists from Singapore and Hamburg

Project web site https://www.elman.online/artwork


For project web site please visit : https://www.elman.online/artwork

Ina Conradi
Associate Professor, School of Art, Design and Media
Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Project Lead Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore

Mark Chavez
Founder CEO Giant Monster
Project Lead Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore

Thorsten Bauer
Art Director / Curator Elbphilharmonie Media Wall
Founder Urbanscreen

Verena Kraemer
Professor, Head of Program Film and Motion Design 
University of Applied Sciences Europe, Department of Art & Design, Campus Hamburg

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Media Art Meets Slik Road: Press release on Elbphilharmnie Blog