Emote (2016 – present)

Emote (2017) is an ongoing series of real-time experimental animation that resulted from an interdisciplinary collaboration between Media Art Nexus and the NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering, (SCSE). The Emote Project is about feelings, brain waves and real-time experimental animation. Using EEG, the brain signals were recorded and analyzed for recognizing emotional patterns and used for generating 20 animated chapters in real time after the non-lyrical music clips of the known emotional class (such as happy, sad, exciting, scary, etc.). NTU SCSE contributed their scientific knowledge about neuro-network and specific analysis of EEG signals. The emotional states in the brain manifest EEG signals and machine-learning techniques in order to learn patterns of emotions certain signals. These can be utilized for the recognition of emotion and generating suitable external stimuli to elicit a desired emotional response.

In this work, music language is a means for learning emotions in brain and is used as an external stimulus in response to the emotional state of the brain. A study would observe the same feedback when using visuals.

Two sets of visuals where completed for this project using the Derivative TouchDesigner’s reactive audio tool-sets. [10] The first set is numbered 1–20 and is in sets of Happy, Exciting, and Frightening & Melancholy. The second set is consisting of 4 groups numbered with 1–4 being Happy, Exciting, Frightening & Melancholy. In the testing part, (see fig. 6 and 7) a graphic and music clip related to the recognized emotion are selected and played to the subject as a neuro-feedback of the emotional state. Then, the resulting data is classified and analyzed. The future goal of these studies would be to create public arts in order to induce emotions that help the subject in cognitive functions such as learning, concentration, relaxation, etc.