Experimental Animation

Permanent exhibition of experimental animation on Media Art Nexus is consisting of a series of 6 experimental pieces played in real time daily. The Rose (2016) was programmed as an animated pin-screen, and uses six different recordings of Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, creating an audio reactive painting.

The Rose, North Spine Plaza, NTU the location of Media Art Nexus in Singapore

North Spine Plaza location of the Media Art Nexus, Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Created for a 15 x 2 meter LED video wall this animation explores pinscreen animation with audio reactive animation and emotive expression.

Quantonium (2016) is audio reactive animation and plays with the idea of mechanical reflections on matter and space.

Quantonium in 8k for 3D Stereo venue Deep Space 8K, premier at the Ars Electronica Festival 2016, “Radical Atoms and the alchemists of our time”, AE Linz, Austria

I wish (2016) uses Twitter and the search term “I wish”, to explore the intimacy of personal commentary through the poetics of social media phenomenon.